Welcome to the lair of the

Gorgon, Heraia

Online Sale of Sicilian Almonds and Olive Oils

Welcome to the page dedicated to the Sicilian Gorgon, Heraia. This site is the official page of the raiders of her lair, showing here her precious first fruits. Each of you will have the opportunity to access the online sale of Sicilian almonds, sweet first fruits and fine Sicilian Evo oils.

Heraia® is an imaginary gorgon who stands alongside the three monstrous sisters of Greek myth: Steno, Euryale and Medusa.

Its rugged and bewitching nature is a tribute to the symbolism of the innermost part of the Sicilian island, including its prized fruits.

On this page, Heraia® - Online Sale of Sicilian Almonds and Olive Oils is promoting a selection of first fruits that promote the cultivars, culture and recipes of the Sicilian hinterland.

Explore the page of Heraia® - Online Sale of Sicilian Almonds and Olive Oils. You will have the pleasure of rediscovering famous and little known mythological tales. The Sicilian myth is full of peculiar stories that only by tasting a good almond, you will have the pleasure of reading and listening to those who manage to steal the treasures from the Gorgon's cave.

Come and collect with Heraia the dried fruits of Sicily, because it could be the best way to dream of myth and Sicily.

Heraia® advances the valorisation of almonds from the Sicilian hinterland

The quality



The Cultivar


In Heraia® - Vendita Online di Mandorle e Oli Evo Siciliani you will hear about the pleasure of enjoying the beauty and history behind the images.

The genuine addition of the taste and quality of the cultivar, allows nuances of properties that make a product a real treasure whose appreciation is certain.

Heraia® enhances the quality of its fine olive oil and its nuances

IntenseFlavours & Fragrances

It doesn't matter if it is spicy, mild, balanced, or bitter. Our flavors and aromas will always be intense.

Natural PaperPackaging

Our choice of natural, grease-proof paper packaging. The respect for the environment and the style of the myth.

MythologicalOil & Gourmet.

Olive oil and gourmet products themed to the myth of the Mediterranean Sea in a unique way. Behind the tradition of a farm.

The latest news about Heraia®.

Delicacies & Uniqueness

The Gorgon combines classic Sicilian craftsmanship with magic, flair, inspiration from myth, and a lot of imagination.

Exploring the myth of the Mediterranean Sea. Theming the product with tradition, making people discover the mysterious Sicilian hinterland.


The Magic of the Sicilian Gorgon often gives particularities that only a few mortals can enjoy. The uniqueness of Heraia comes from the cooperation with great artists of the Sicilian and Mediterranean territory.

Limited editions / handcrafted uniqueness

Valorization / Inland Cultivars

Heraia pays great attention to the valorisation of the cultivars of the Sicilian hinterland. The aim is to enhance every single characteristic and to give it the right attention and protection.

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