Cyclops - Almond Biscuits - Classic


Cyclops - Almond Biscuits - Classic of the Sicilian tradition. Heraia has charmed the artisans to work with its almond. The timeless classic of Sicilian confectionery that enhances the almonds of the Sicilian hinterland grown and nurtured by Gorgone. A gift box of pure almond sweets with 100% concentration of taste and special

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Cyclops - Almond Biscuits - Classic of the Sicilian tradition. Heraia has charmed the artisans to work of its almond. A set of almond biscuits handmade in Barrafranca and finely decorated with a ball of black cherry in syrup; just as tradition dictates.

In this format, we wanted to remain faithful to the original, bringing out the full concentration of our prized Sicilian almond.

The inspiration to the myth follows the shape of the typical Sicilian cake, that is the face of a mythological Cyclopean giant and his terrible monocled face; just as this typical cake shows.

Additional information

Weight250 g
Size15 × 15 × 15 cm
Nutritional Values

ENERGY 461.6 kcal 1289 kj, TOTAL FATS 30.7g, of which saturated 2.4g, CARBOHYDRATES 39.5g, of which sugars 31.3g, PROTEINS 13.9g, SALT 0g


Box containing 250 g of almond biscuits individually wrapped.


peeled almonds, sugar, egg white, wildflower honey, egg yolk, candied cherries (ingredients: cherries, glucose-fructose syrup, saccharose, citric acid, potassium sorbate, colouring agent E127, sulphur dioxide as residue).


Store in a cool, dry place

May contain traces of

Dried Fruit, Gluten and Milk

Preservatives and Dyes



Nuts, eggs and egg products, sulphur dioxide and sulphites, groundnuts and groundnut products, crustaceans and products thereof, fish and fish products


2-3 months

Production Area

Barrafranca, Province of Enna, Sicily


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